Does Home Ownership

Feel Out of Reach?

I was able to change the course of my life so quickly when I had NO idea who I owed money to and how much, inconsistent income, didn’t know what a PNL was and that I needed one, thought I needed a humungous down payment, was too scared and ashamed to show ANYONE my financial picture let alone fill out a mortgage application, thought that my finances were too messy, embarrassed and with very little confidence in my financial and business abilities ...

When I made a choice that changed everything...

I want to show you it’s possible for you, too -


With just a few small tweaks, a few key pieces of information that I didn't know I was missing, and a lot of devotion, I went from broke, to on top of my sh!t, to increasing my wealth exponentially.

When I came back to Colorado from Alaska in 2015 it was like something clicked in me, and I suddenly became obsessed with buying a home.

I craved grounding and was determined. I would buy a home and build my wealth. I would not be left behind and priced out of the ever increasing market.

Unfortunately for me, my first home buying experience was a complete FLOP!

It was so painful. I did some things right, but a LOT of things wrong.

Today, I’ve helped dozens of people buy their home. I’ve helped yoga teachers, writers, musicians, healers, therapists, influencers and more get their foot in the door in real estate.

I've helped the unconventional, the way makers, the ones who dare to dance barefoot in the sands of Hawaii to their own drummer.

You are my people!

This course is here for you to explain the process I have used time and time again to buy my second home, help others do the same, and truly build lasting legacy wealth. The kind of wealth that changes family history.

It's everything you didn't learn about one of our most basic needs from your parents or in school. We will demolish the myths you've internalized, and break through the limiting beliefs you've sold yourself.

You will end this course with a crystal clear, personalized, path to homeownership and the courage to go for it.

Position yourself to buy as soon as possible, saving you tens of thousands of dollars in rent.

HOLD UP. Take a second and do the math for me .. your rent x12 into someone else's wealth building plan per year PLUS market appreciation (lets estimate low at 3% on a 400k home.

The home that is $400k right now ... the exact same home in the exact same condition will likely be $412k this time next year or more.

If your rent is $1500. month, this course would save you the equivalent of 30k in appreciation and rent PER YEAR.


By getting organized now, you make 30k per year!!! OMG !

Let's reverse this money rush out, and start having money flow towards you rather than away from you into someone else's pocket.

Take heart, love, and have the courage to get ready to be ready to buy with me.

If you have everything you know how to on your own... Gone online and tried to figure it out and the answer was always NO because you didn’t know what you were doing and you didn’t have accountability. THIS COURSE IS FOR YOUR!

It's for people who have tried it, really want it, and don’t think it is possible for them but are ready to believe and discover that in fact, it is. 

Register now.

let’s gooooo!

Personalized Blueprint

You'll receive a personalized plan outlining exactly what you need to do in 1 day! This will become your shining star and later guiding your path. Will show you exactly how to prove, and improve your income if needed to lenders exactly when it matters most.

Stand on your own two feet financially.

Build, heal, integrate your relationship with

money. Turn "messy" finances you wouldn't want to show anyone, let alone a banker, and

"overwhelming" feelings into clarity, purpose, inspiration and excitement. Stay on path as you improve your credit, clear your debt and more.

Freedom of Location

Learn how real estate can create MORE

freedom for you when you have free spirited soul and you want to live in multiple places. Learn how to choose where you will buy first to

transform your real estate into passive income. Real wealth, real freedom and real legacy through real estate.

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"I Am In The Market

To Buy My Dream Home..."

I'm amazed and humbled to get this far when even a couple years ago I never thought it would be financially possible for me. I fully believe my dream home will come at just the right time and I am on my way.

"I Never Thought I Would Be A Homeowner..."

I didn't realize you could do a down payment smaller than 200k! Never thought I would be a homeowner. I didn't know how to make that kind of money. I would start to figure out what I want and then I get set back. I felt overwhelmed. I would shut down.

It's so up and down emotionally that having someone to hold that space with you is so powerful.